The schedule is loose and flexible with lots of time for socializing. Every morning we'll have breakfast at a nearby restaurant for whoever wants to join us.

Friday focuses on producing videos to release to YouTube promoting Smalltalk.

Saturday features talks and programming sessions. In the evening there's a Pizza dinner followed by a comedy show.

Sunday features a panel on Promoting Smalltalk followed by whatever activities the guests would like to do

Time Friday, June 12 Saturday, June 13 Sunday, June 14
8:00 am Breakfast: Eggspectation 171 Bank St. Breakfast: TBD Breakfast: TBD
9:00 am Social Social Social
10:00 am Video Recordings: Installing Smalltalk Instantiations Panel: Promoting Smalltalk
11:00 am Video Recordings: Intro to Smalltalk Lightning Talks
12:00 pm Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:00 pm Social Social Social
2:00 pm Video Recordings: The State of Smalltalk Programming: Oculus DK2 Interfacing
3:00 pm Video Recordings: Why Smalltalk? Programming: Contest framework
4:00 pm End of official activities Sightseeing in Ottawa End of official activities
5:00 pm
7:00 pm Pizza Dinner
9:00 pm Yuk Yuks